Digital Acceleration Program - 40 business days

Why acceleration?

Unless your business has already mastered the challenge of digital transformation, there can be great value in utilizing a short and intense proces to accelerate digitalisation.

If you are familiar with one or more of the following scenarios, please read more about our Digital Acceleration Program:

  • You wish to identify new opportunities for growth
  • Your industry is open for for disruption
  • Declining customer satisfaction

  • Your competitors are ahead of you with digitalisation
  • Digitalisation has been initiated but the pace is too slow
  • Your company has run a not-so-successful digital project
  • Lack of management buy-in
  • Lack of employee buy-in
  • Lack of internal digital skills

What can be achieved in 40 days?

With the correct approach you may be able to achieve a lot more in 40 days than you think

Obviously, complexity stemming from IT, the organisation, existing processes etc. will set a natural limit for just how comprehensive the final solution can be.

However, for proof of concept this program is spot on.


  • Webshop with reduced assortment for a test marked
  • A self-service solution for a single process or customer segment
  • Version one of a marketing automation setup
  • Establishing an inbound marketing program
  • Prototype of a connected product, IoT
  • Proof of concept of a subscription based business model
  • Mobile app version 1
  • Etc

This is how it works

The digital acceleration program is based on many years of experience gathered from both successful and failed/unsuccessful projects, large and small budgets, enormous platform projects, and small digital gadgets.

Of course, the process may be adjusted according to the individual company’s needs, but the essential principles for achieving success are :

  1. Minimum Viable Product: We will develop a solution that ‘just about’ solves a problem and which we ‘dare’ showing to friendly customers
  2. Strong customer focus: We will build the solution with a outside-in perspective. It’s all about the customer
  3. Time boxing: All steps and activities in the process are time-limited. Speed over precision. Quality doesn’t come from over-thinking and powerpoint, but from:
  4. Many and quick iterations: Anything from paper prototypes early in the process to funcrioning prototypes, which can be tested both internally and externally
  5. Flexible scope: The scope for a solution has to be flexible in regards to speed and unforeseen complexity
  6. The 80/20 rule: (20% of the effort creates 80% of the value) ensures focus on core value creation and reduces the over-engineering

Main aspects of the program



Analysis of both opportunities and challenges with potential for digitalisation gains

  • Analysis of existing customer and/or market data
  • Interviews with key internal stakeholders
  • Interviews with existing or new target groups
  • Assessing both direct and indirect competition



Processing of findings and selection of a MVP candidate

  • Interdisciplinary workshop of 1-2 days duration
  • Development of ideas and paper prototypes
  • Selection of MVP based on viability, feasibility and impact
  • Scoping of the MVP candidate



An intense development process using your own resources, external partners or a combination of both

  • Development according to agile principles
  • The launch date is carved in stone
  • The scope for MVP project is flexible
  • Launching of MVP to be tested by customers/real users
  • Evaluation and further iterations


Post launch, the solution is passed on to hypercare, monitoring and development. Here, there are more ways to go forward:

  • Further iterations and development
  • Scaling of solution
  • Integration with existing business systems